A clean coat produces a clean clip!

Reducing strain on your clippers, prolonging blade life and increasing comfort for your horse. There are no replacements for a good bath but in instances where it is impossible to bath you can give your horse a good groom – it should take over an hour and leave you sweating. Along side hot clothing with … Read more

How to tell when your blades are blunt

Over the course of the last year and a half, people are doing more clipping at home for themselves so we are getting more questions from people inexperienced with clippers and blades. When blades are starting to blunt they will stop moving freely through the coat and begin to snag or pull the hair. Top … Read more

Are you honest with your clipper/farrier/vet/physio?

Working with horses is dangerous. Working with other peoples horses is even more dangerous! When contracting someone to work on your horse, honesty is the best policy! If your horse has a tendency to kick, has ever kicked or if you just don’t know it is always better to tell the person working on your … Read more

Get that double click!

There are multiple ways to get the blade to click into place on your harmony plus: Method 1 Slide blade onto hinge Push blade down till you hear click one Turn your machine on Pull blade back towards the front of the machine Method 2 Slide blade onto hinge Push blade down till you hear … Read more

Did you know? Blades don’t last forever…

Blades don’t last forever, your trusty a2 blade that gets sharpened every year and only clips a few horses still can only have a certain amount of sharpenings (amount will vary depending on who sharpens them). How to tell a blade that’s coming to the end of its useable life: Blade – Left. A blade … Read more