How to tell when your blades are blunt

Over the course of the last year and a half, people are doing more clipping at home for themselves so we are getting more questions from people inexperienced with clippers and blades. When blades are starting to blunt they will stop moving freely through the coat and begin to snag or pull the hair.

Top tips

  • You should always have a backup set of sharp blade available
  • There is no set number of clips to set of blades it is dictated by cleanliness of coat & Hair thickness
  • A5 blades do NOT hold their edge as long as a blade on a heavy duty machine, so back ups are important
  • You cannot tell if a blade is sharp or not by rubbing your fingers on it, The difference between a sharp and unsharp blade is fragments of a millimetre
  • Brand new blades are often not as sharp as they will be after their first sharpening so you may not get as long as you would expect from the first use of a new blade

How can I make them last longer?

  • Use a reputable sharpening company
  • Ensure your horse is washed and completely dry, One greasy patch can be enough to blunt a blade
  • Avoid coat oils and sprays before clipping. Thick oils can cause excess friction and silicone sprays can coat the blades and cause heat