Frequently Asked Questions

General Clipping FAQs

Should I wash my horse before clipping?

Yes, your horse will require a thorough wash before clipping. This ensures maximum comfort on your horse, longevity of your blades and will also leave a better finish. I would also recommend hot clothing your horse post clip to ensure no hives or irritation occurs from loose hair remaining on top of the skin.

My horse/pony has pink skin, what blades should I use?

We would recommend using a Medium or A2 blade as this will leave your horses hair at a good length and leave enough coverage to prevent sunburn from occurring, This style of blade should help avoid tram lines when clipping.

Can I clip my wet horse?

No, you should wait a full 24hours post washing to clip your horse to ensure hair is dry at the skin.

My horse is nervous, what clipper should I use?

If your horse is nervous and unsure of the sound and vibration of a clipper, we suggest using our Harmony Plus or Bruno clippers. Both are quiet with low vibration and can be operated using a battery or by mains.

How often should I oil my blades?

We recommend that you should oil your blades every 5-10 mins while clipping.

My blades are not clipping, why?

There are a few reasons why your blades may not be clipping. Please use the following checklist.

  • Ensure your blades are oiled every 5-10 mins while clipping.
  • Please remove the blades, clean and oil them before trying again.
  • Ensure the blades are fitted/ tensioned correctly.

Your blades may need to be re-sharpened.

Please see our contact page for details for having your blades re-sharpened.

The motor on my clipper seems to be overheating, what could be wrong?

Please use the following checklist:

  • Please check the tension of your blades. If your blades are too tight, it puts extra strain on the motor of your clippers and may cause them to overheat.
  • Please check your blades are sharp and cutting easily. Blunt blades can cause the motor to overheat.
  • If your clipper has vents, please ensure these are not clogged by loose hair or dirt.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Can I have my Liveryman clippers/ trimmers serviced by Liveryman?

Yes, you can. Please contact us for details on how to send you clippers/ trimmers to us for servicing and repairs.

How often should I service my Liveryman clipper/trimmer?

We recommend servicing with your clipper/trimmer once a year by ourselves or an approved service centre.

Where can I buy a Liveryman clipper, trimmer, or Liveryman accessories?

Please see the About Us section map to locate your nearest Liveryman stockist.

What kind of oil should I use?

We recommend that you only use Liveryman oil or oil that has been designed specifically for use on clippers. Other oils may reduce the life of your blades and damage your clippers.

How should I store my clippers when not in use?

Please ensure you thoroughly clean and oil your clippers and blades before storage. Blades should be removed, cleaned, oiled, and wrapped in an oiled cloth. Store your clippers and blades in a warm dry place.

How do I clean my blades?

Remove the blades for the machine and use a soft brush to remove all loose hair and dirt. We recommend using Liveryman blade cleaning spray to remove any stubborn dirt or grease. Finally, oil using an oil suitable for use on clipping blades and store in a warm, dry place.

My clipper/ trimmer seems noisier than usual, what could be the problem?

Please check that your blades are clean, oiled and have been tensioned correctly. Blades that are also worn or blunt may also cause your clipper to be nosier than usual. If the problem persists, please contact us.


Nova Overview

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How do I change the blades on my Nova?

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Black Beauty

Black Beauty Overview

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How do I change the blades on my black beauty?

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How do I tension my black beauty?

Can I purchase the battery pack later if I buy a mains black beauty?

Yes you can add a battery pack at later date if you initially purchase a mains set.

How often do I need to oil my blades?

Your blades should be oiled lightly every 5-10 minutes and cleared of hair with a stiff brush.

How much does the black beauty weigh?

The black beauty only weighs 800grams and is a slim 55mm in diameter.

What blade does the black beauty take?

The black beauty takes an a2 medium blade 2.5mm or an a22 fine blade 1.5mm.

What difference does the brushless motor make?

The brushless motor is magnet driven which means the black beauty is cool running meaning you can clip multiple animals in succession with out needing to leave your machine to cool down. The brushless motor also has fewer consumable parts that need to be replaced during servicing.

How do I clean the filter on my black beauty?

You will find the filter on the back of your machine, the filter will slide out to be cleared with a stiff brush. It is important to keep the filter clear to keep cool air coming through the machine and keep the motor cool.

Does the machine lose power when used off the battery pack?

No the machine will run with exactly the same power off mains as battery pack this is due to the low watt brushless motor which is efficient and safe to use in the stable.

Harmony Plus

Harmony Overview

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How long do I need to charge my harmony plus when I take it out of the box?

The harmony plus requires a full 24 hour charge when it is purchased even if the light turns blue shortly after being plugged in.

How long will my harmony plus run for?

The harmony plus has an internal battery run time of up to 90 minutes from a 3 hour charge.

The red light is flashing on my harmony plus what does that mean?

The red light begins to flash when you have 20 minutes of run time left on your machine.

What blades fit the harmony plus?

The harmony plus takes A5 snap on blades.

Can the harmony plus be used off mains?

Yes the harmony plus can be used off mains, their own internal battery or the optional external battery pack

How do I put blades on my harmony plus?

  • Get that double click
  • Your A5 blade MUST double click
  • The hinge on your new Harmony Plus may be a little bit stiff so it can take a little bit more pressure to apply your blade correctly
  • To attach your blade ensure the lever is in the UPRIGHT position
    • Place your blade on the lever
    • Press firmly down till you hear 2x clicks
  • If you only get 1x click you can try:
    • Running your machine and pressing firmly
    • Hold the red button and press firmly on the blade and release the red button once you’ve felt the blade push into place

DO NOT try to clip if your blade is not attached correctly

How do I remove the blade from my harmony plus?

  1. Face your clipper down
  2. Hold down the red release button at the back of the clipper
  3. Push the blade back towards you fully with your two index fingers

It is important to pull your blade the whole way back before lifting it off so the drive lever stays in an upright position to refit the next blade.

If the blade is removed a little early and the lever goes down you will need a philips head screwdriver to manually lift the lever whilst holding the red button.

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Bruno Overview

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How do I change the blade on my Bruno?

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Classics Overview

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How do I change the blade on my Classics?

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The light on my Classics have gone green after only 1 hour, do I still leave them for another 3 hours?

Yes, you need to complete the charging cycle per instructions to maintain battery health.


Flare Overview

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How do I change the blade on my Flare?

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How do I assemble a blade?

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Battery Packs

How do I maintain my battery?

When charging your battery for the first time, it is important you charge the battery fully before using and to ensure the battery in fully charged for storage. When not in use please charge the battery fully every 6 months. We recommend storing your battery in a warm dry place while not in use. This will help increase the lifespan of your battery.

How do I insert the battery pack on a Black Beauty

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