Meet Our Liveryman Influencers!

In Liveryman we pride ourselves on our machines being of the highest quality and withstanding the heaviest workload. To ensure our machines are constantly improving and being tested we work with a team of industry professionals who put our machines through their paces daily.

We have 5 fantastic brand ambassadors who we work closely with on all aspects of Liveryman from our social presence, machine testing, photography, and brainstorming new products.

Niki Baxter

My name is Niki Baxter, 29 and I run a small clipping and show turnout business in Glasgow.

I started riding at 5 at a local riding school. When I was 12 I got my first horse and my love of clipping and plaiting began. I am self-taught, reading books and articles on turnout, and a lot of trial and error! I would plait and clip for my friends in pony club, and would always be “the clipper” on every yard I have worked on since.

I took a year out from horses to live and work in Japan as a freelance English teacher. I loved the freedom being a freelancer brought me, so when I returned to Scotland I decided to take the plunge and start my own wee business. I have tried out many clipper brands from working on various yards, and my first clipper purchase was a set of Liveryman arena’s- which I still have!

I now have a full team of liveryman clippers in my arsenal and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

As well as running my wee business – Baxter Equine services – I dabble in a bit of dressage, make grooming and clipping tutorials, and try to keep up with my Japanese studies when I have time.

-Niki Baxter

Jilian Scott

From a young age, I clipped my own ponies, having learned to be hands-on growing up on the family smallholding. My first horsey job taught me a lot, and I picked up more skills about clipping different coats and just working with different types of horses.

For many years I freelanced during the summer backing young horses, with clipping being pocket money in the winter. In 2013 I began to really explore creative clipping and my business exploded into a full-time job.

I work with liveryman because they are always looking forward into new ideas to keep improving their already fantastic range of clippers. They’re reliable, helpful and have never let me down.

Jillian Scott

Amy Russell

Hi my name is Amy; I’m 27 based in Liverpool with my 2 horses; Skye and Katy.  I work full time for the NHS as a Senior Procurement officer, and in my spare time I love to groom and clip horses for other people as a second job.  This year’s been a little weird for all but I love to compete at Affiliated British Dressage, and spending time hacking with my friends and just generally enjoying my life with my horses.

I was first introduced to Team Liveryman after spending the weekend at Your Horse Live, with Smart Grooming and Clippersharp at their demo area, I already owned some liveryman clippers, the Black Beauty’s and the Classics so I was really interested in seeing the rest of the Liveryman handsets. 

Watching the live demos I loved seeing the other clipper’s being used for varies clips.  I met Kathryn the area rep at YHL who then introduced me to Emma, I believe Emma loved my social media content and they asked me to become a part of the Liveryman Team.  Being part of the team, Liveryman takes a genuine interest in my opinion on possible new handsets, blades and I really appreciate all the help and support they give me. 

-Amy Russell

Beth Revill

I’m a freelance groom, where I operate as a travel groom for Sophie Wells MBE. I have a busy horsey life with either being away with Sophie, offering clipping & coaching when we’re based at home and then also having my own horses where I compete & hunt.

I’ve been an ambassador for Liveryman since March 2020 and I’ve been filled with so much support off both Liveryman themselves & all the other ambassadors.

I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to clipping, I have serious OCD and I just love how all the machines can offer me that. Each machine can offer great flexibility in blending, thinning, clipping with all different blades/grades.

I feel honoured to be part of the family.

-Beth Revill

Louise Garland

Coming from a showing background, from a young age I showed coloureds and show cobs at the highest levels such as RIHS. This is where my love for turnout and clipping first started. I am completely self-taught, purely from hours and hours of blood, sweat and hair!

As the years went by, friends would ask me to clip their horses, get them ready for shows and to attend on the day to ensure that their horse looked tip top. This soon grew into the business that it is today, where I clip over 300+ horses a year.

Alongside this I also worked as an equine vet nurse for several years. This gave me an in depth understanding of the many different reasons that clipping is needed, be it for rare skin conditions or cases of neglect. Having worked with so many horses, I am often asked to clip nervous, young or head shy horses and these certainly give me the most job satisfaction.

I am a total perfectionist and to turn out horses to the very highest standard I need the very best tools. This is why I have always used Liveryman clippers and they have never once let me down…. even in the hairiest of jobs!

-Louise Garland