Arena C130

Arena Horse & Cattle Clipper

  • A powerful mains clipper with a 130 watt motor
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Counter-balanced crank for low vibration
  • Ideal for intensive use
Liveryman Arena

Code: 150023
Description: Mains powered 130 watt motor. Suitable for individuals to large yards. Robust, double gear train produces high power. Inbuilt air deflectors and thermal overload switch.  Weighs 1028g. Comes in presentation case, complete with A2 blades, a cleaning brush and oil. 12 month warranty.





Cut Type Blade Type Blade Detail
Standard A2 Blade set cutter & comb Ideal for day to day clipping.  Cutting height 3mm Cutter: 24 teeth Comb: 35 teeth
Coarse A6 Blade set cutter & comb Ideal for normal to heavy clipping.  Cutting height 3mm Cutter: 24 teeth Comb: 18 teeth
Extra Coarse A7 Blade set cutter & comb Ideal for heavy clipping. Cuttingheight 3mm Cutter: 19 teeth Comb:21 teeth
Fine A22 Blade set cutter & comb Ideal for clipping close to the skin.  Cutting height 1mm Cutter: 24 teeth Comb: 35 teeth
Very Fine A253 Blade set cutter & comb Ideal for Veterinary and surgical use.  Cutting height 0.5mm Cutter: 24 teeth Comb: 53 teeth